Questions for Donors

Are you a charity organization? Find FAQs for charities

Charity Registration

How does IM2TO review the charities on its site?

How do I register my charity?

After I register, how do I access my account?

Can I add additional users to my charity account?

Scope of work

What is the scope of work?

How do I complete the scope of work for an IM2TO project?

Transaction Fees

What are the transaction fees for each donation?

Who pays these transaction fees?

What is IM2TO?

How does an IM2TO.COM fundraiser work?

We are already using other fundraising programs. Can we add IM2TO?

Is there a limit to how much money I can raise?

How do you decide what projects to post on your site?

Is there a fee for posting a project on It Matters to this One?

My project needs materials (computers, school supplies, etc.) can you help

Is my Good Works project‘s funding guaranteed

What is a "Good Works Project"?

Who are Project Leaders and what are their responsibilities?

What can I do if a donor visits my project?

How are projects ranked?

My project isn't making as much money as I hoped; why is this? What can I do?

How do I change project leaders?

Can It Matters to this One remove my project once it has been posted?

Is there a limit to how much money I can request for any project?

What are project updates and are they important?

What if charities don’t report?

What makes a Good Works Project really great?

What is a Good Works Project manager?

Will it cost me any more to post multiple projects?

Getting Started

How do I post a project on It Matters to this One?

How long does it take to post a project?

Who is eligible to post a project?

My Charity doesn't have a PayPal or Dwolla account. Can you help me get set up?

What information do I need to set up my Pay Pal accounts for IM2TO?

Can I post more than one Good Works Project at a time?

How long does it take to start a fundraiser?

When can my project receive donations?

How does IM2TO work?

Can I post more than one project at a time? How?

Once I have posted a project how do I receive the donations? When?

What happens if a project receives more funding than it requests?

How is IM2TO Funded?

How do you decide which project appears at the top of various pages?

What happens if a project receives only a small proportion of the funding it requests?

Getting started

Can I make a donation of more than a dollar?

What if I don't see my charity listed?

What if I'm not satisfied with my donation experience?

How do I choose a project or projects to support?

How does IM2TO work?

Is there any way to keep track of my donations?

What are donation options?

Is there a minimum donation?

Does IM2TO charge donors a fee?

How do I know my donation is secure?

What are my options for making a donation?

Is my donation tax deductable?

How does the money get to the project?

How does It Matters to this One select its projects for the website?

How do I keep track of the progress of the projects I've donated to?

Donor Privacy Policy

What is It Matters to this One's privacy policy?

Charity review process

What is your Charity review process, and how do I know the project leader is trustworthy?

How can I do aditional research on a particular charity.

What is It Matters to this One's mission?

What is It Matters to this One's mission?

Transaction receipts

With IM2TO what does the charity provide to the donor ?

Receipts for donation

Will I get a recept for my donation?

Where can I get information on tax deduct-ability of my contributions?

Information Disclosure

What information is my charity required to disclose and can I use the IM2TO website to do it?

Can IM2TO help my charity's Transparancy and Accountability?

Posting Video

How do I post my Good Works Project's Event Video?

Why not donate directly to the charity?

Why not donate direcly to the charity?

Why use IM2TO?

Why not just do what we've been doing?

What do I get for my .15?

What is Dwolla?

What is Dwolla?

Adding Charity or Project Page

How do I add a profile picture for other administrators or project managers?

I am a Charity Team Member, How do I change my password?

I am a Charity Team Member (Admin or User). How do I change my password?

PCI Compliance

I'm concerned about PCI compliance

What is PCI Compliance?