Questions for Donors

Are you a charity organization? Find FAQs for charities

Charity Registration

How does DonateSmarter review the charities on its site?

We collect a lot of information. We work with you and do our level best to make sure you are properly registered in your home state and that you provide us with the proper disclosures so you can do the same for your donors and corporate sponsors.

How do I register my charity?

1. From the home page click on "SIGN UP" in the upper right. That will take you through the Charity Login process.

A charity registering for the first time will click on "Register Now".

2. Enter all the basic charity and contact information and your charity and charity user account will be created...

You should see the following message:
"Registration Successful"
"Hi, Welcome to DonateSmarter."

Please make sure to keep your password in a safe place. If you want to add additional users and grant them access to your site, you can do so from your dashboard. After you log in for the first time, you can go to your charity dashboard and complete your registration and add a profile picture, projects etc...

After I register, how do I access my account?

Registered charities access their "Charity Dashboard" by logging in at the home page with their User ID and Password.

Can I add additional users to my charity account?

Yes. You can add additional users from your dashboard page after you register.

Scope of work

What is the scope of work?

The scope of work details the charity's Good Works Project. The same questions are answered by a charity each time they create a project.
The charity and project manager should complete the scope of work carefully because it gives donors a clear insight in to the plans of the charity and we use these criteria to compare projects and evaluate charity performance.
More importantly, granular detail disclosed in the scope of work gives credibility to the project and the charity workers who carry it through to completion. Completed projects become a dynamic "portfolio of charity performance".

How do I complete the scope of work for a DonateSmarter project?

You complete the scope of work online at When you are logged in and entering information about a project you intend to post you will notice a series of questions which comprise the "Scope of Work".
Project description
Project needs
Project schedule
Project beneficiary
Complete the questions with as much detail as possible.

Transaction Fees

What are the transaction fees for each donation?

We are glad you asked!!
There are two fees charged for each donation.
- DonateSmarter charges .15 per transaction which goes toward our Always Give Back crowd funding effort and is paid out at least annually to charities in our community at the discretion of our admin.
- Transaction processor charges:
Pay Pal charges: .05+5% up to $9.00 (micro donations) & .30+2.2% above $9.00 (Macro donations).
Dwolla charges: free (yep, free... Because you are a charity and that's a beautiful thing! )
(DonateSmarter charities give their donors a choice in order to save them money. Each donor selects either PayPal or Dwolla to process their transaction just prior to checkout. These fees are available only to non profits and are subject to change without notice).

Who pays these transaction fees?

Typically in the industry the charity pays the transaction fee out of the donation amount. However, to maximize the donation to the charity, DonateSmarter charities give their donors the option of:
1. Selecting the least expensive processor (PayPal or Dwolla).
2. Increasing their donation by the approximate amount of the calculated fee for their particular donation.

What is DonateSmarter?

How does an DonateSmarter.COM fundraiser work? is a showcase connecting charities with donors via the internet.

With DoanteSmarter, charities show off their "Good Works Projects" to the world and donors anonymously review, interact and donate in complete security.

Donations are geographically anonymous so charities are not required to be registered in that particular state. This saves the charity the time and hidden costs necessary to manage multi-state registrations.

We are already using other fundraising programs. Can we add DonateSmarter?

Yes. Since DonateSmarter is project specific, it compliments many companies' existing fundraising efforts. It also provides an attractive sponsorship opportunity for larger sponsors and foundations because of its high quality content and powerful connection to the general public.

DonateSmarter coordinates your PayPal and Dwolla accounts to insure that your processing fees are the lowest available.

Charities use the DonateSmarter payment button code generator to make a custom payment button HTML code and post it on their other sites to make sure they are processing all their donations as efficiently as possible and avoiding the multi-state registration and disclosure compliance issues.

Is there a fee for posting a project on DonateSmarter?

No there is no fee to register your charity and post a project on IM2TO.

However, by registering the charity agrees to pay .15 (15 cents) for every donation made to projects into our crowd funding effort Always Give Back

(That's less than the cost to mail a postcard!)

These funds are paid out to charities in our community at least annually.

My project needs materials (computers, school supplies, etc.) can you help

No, DonateSmarter does not donate or provide material to projects. However, if you are registered as a nonprofit organization in the US 501 ( c)( 3). You can register your project with and raise funds to purchase those items as part of a Good Works Project for your charity.

Is my project's funding guaranteed

The only guarantee is that there are "no guarantees". Without your efforts the project may not attract donors.
DonateSmarter does not guarantee that your project will be funded. We provide the marketplace to showcase your project to the public and all the tools required to process donations efficiently and keep donors informed economically.
Donors will likely connect with projects they are moved by and passionate about. Therefore, it is important to do all you can to make your project clear, concise and above all compelling so you improve your potential to connect with potential donors.

What is a "Good Works Project"?

Who are Project Leaders and what are their responsibilities?

Project Leaders are charity personnel selected to run a fundraising project and ensure that the funds collected through DonateSmarter are used as pledged in the charity's application and scope of work.
They also harvest and post the compelling project information and updates that appear on their Good Works Project page. It is the responsibility of the Project Leader to provide detailed and relevant information to their donors by posting regular updates on

What can I do if a donor visits my project?

DonateSmarter is designed to bring donors and projects together at the donor's direction. If a donor wants to remain anonymous they can still easily participate. However, if a donor from across town or across the country wants to visit your project on site, I'd say you've done a pretty compelling job of attracting that donor... Congratulations!
Just as with donors who wish to make larger donations directly to your charity's project, or who wish to correspond with the project leaders, DonateSmarter encourages you to put your best foot forward and invite them to meet your project manager and view the project live and in person. It's a great photo opportunity and a fantastic and compelling story for your regular project report and the best way to say thank you. Is there a better way to attract other donors?

My project isn't making as much money as I hoped; why is this? What can I do?

If your project is not raising as much money as you had expected, don't get discouraged! As you know, It Matters to this One is an online showcase, which means that donors use our site to browse for projects that interest them and to which they can donate.

What can you do to make your project campaign more compelling?
•Post regular compelling project updates,
•Better reporting on what interests your donors
•Rally your former donors and individuals in your affinity groups to donate to your project and tell two friends
• Choose a compelling way to thank your donors.

For example: "Buying office supplies" is necessary but just not as compelling as "Installing 6 new computer stations in our learning center". But everyone knows that the new computers are going to need paper & toner on an on-going basis.

Your scope of work should clearly illustrate the vitality of your project and new programs that will require related office supplies should include that projected expense. Donors will be proud to be part of the ongoing Good Works Project when they "see" pictures and video testimonials from the individuals who benefit from the project. They'll also appreciate project transparency the same way we all like to avoid surprise expenses in our personal lives.

Can It Matters to this One remove my project once it has been posted?

Yes, projects can be removed if they do not comply with our reporting requirements or our violate our terms of use.

We require that projects update every 30 days or at predetermined milestones depending on the type of project. Organizations that do not comply with this may be warned and subsequently removed from the site at the sole discretion of administration.
See the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Is there a limit to how much money I can request for any project?

No, there are no restrictions on funds raised. The system is based on micro donations (less than $9.00) and geared toward "Pocket Change Donations" from many, many individuals across the country and maybe around the world.

Projects with budgets larger than $100,000 may want to consider a stepwise approach to their overall goal. Four $25,000.00 fundraising events held in succession would allow for four times as much success and more success means more donor excitement!

Either way, all projects are asked to provide extremely detailed budgetary information in their scope of work

DonateSmarter recommends that you structure your projects with incremental goals to allow your charity to build success and momentum among the donor pool.

We foster the behavior of individuals who always give back by inviting them to make a difference... "The change in your pocket can change a life".

Build trust with your Donors by allowing them to participate in the incremental success of your organization.

What are project updates and are they important?

Regular compelling updates are the life blood of the project!!!

Project updates are just that, 300 to 500 word updates, written by you the project leader. They are submitted complete with video and pictures that detail all the progress and excitement that the "good works project" generates.

Project updates are posted at milestones or at least every 30 days for 1 year from the fundraising event to chronicle your group's accomplishments

Donors feel that same sense of accomplishment vicariously through your words and pictures. Updates are evidence that you are putting the donors money to work and accomplishing what you pledged to accomplish in your scope of work and application.

What is a Good Works Project manager?

A project manager is an employee or trusted volunteer of the charity who is selected by the charity to be the "boots on the ground" individual on site at the good works project both administering the charitable organization's work and acting as the liaison with DonateSmarter.

They make project updates and respond to donors' comments through DonateSmarter to maintain donor anonymity. Project leaders will want to be in frequent communication with It Matters to This One and update the site weekly if not at least monthly.

Will it cost me any more to post multiple projects?

No. There is no cost for a charity to register and post one project or a hundred projects.

Getting Started

How do I post a project on DonateSmarter?

Log on to and register your charity. Then start uploading your organization information:
- IRS designation letter,
- State registrations,
- 990 form, if you like.

and Good Works Project information
- Scope of work,
- Project photos,
- Video clips (YouTube location).

We'll put your Charity page and Project(s) page on line as soon as we review your credentials and verify your PayPal and Dwolla accounts.

Email us and we can set a time to assist you over the phone

How long does it take to post a project?

As long as it takes you to register and upload your charities information. (about 25 minutes if you have your documents ready to upload)

Dwolla and PayPal account confirmation may take additional time... Don't worry we'll help expedite the PayPal process and is fully automated so registering with Dwolla is a breeze!

My Charity doesn't have a PayPal or Dwolla account. Can you help me get set up?

Yes, it's easy to do and DonateSmarter will be happy to assist you in person over the phone or by video tutorial available on the site.

As you register we will compile your basic information (name, address, charity name. contact number, causes etc.) in an email which we will forward to PayPal.

You'll receive all the individual attention you need when setting up your PayPal accounts. Just start registering and click "we can help". Real live people will send your information to PayPal merchant services department to expedite the process for you. A representative from PayPal will contact you by email to help you from there!

You will need two PayPal accounts "One Nonprofit Charity Merchant Account with Micro and one with Macro transaction capability" (you may already have the standard macro account but we will coordinate everything to make sure you are paying the lowest PayPal transaction fees possible (.30+2.2%/transaction over $9.00 and .05+ 5%/ transaction under).

You may need to fax or email a copy of a voided check from the charity fundraising bank account directly to at PayPal after they contact you to establish your PayPal accounts.
This is the account PayPal will forward donations to. is fully automated so registration is a breeze. You can watch the step by step video by clicking on the tutorials button on your dashboard

What information do I need to set up my Pay Pal accounts for DonateSmarter?

If your charity already has a PayPal account you will just need to set up the micro account. Just enter a different email address than the one associated with your charity's macro Pay Pal account in the "financial information" section of the DonateSmarter registration process.

If your Charity doesn't have a Pay Pal account, you will be setting up a "Non-Profit Charity Merchant Account" to receive Micro transactions (less that $9.00) and Macro transactions (more that $9.00) through Pay Pal.
Before you email David ( you will want to have the following items printed up and ready to fax or saved as PDF files and ready to upload directly to PayPal.
- a voided check from the charity's bank account.
- your charity's TIN (Tax Identification Number) or EIN (Employer Identification Number)

You'll complete the set up process through the financial information section of your DonateSmarter charity dashboard by using the emails you used to establish your Pay Pal accounts.

Can I post more than one Good Works Project at a time?

Yes! Once your charity has been approved, you can post as many "Good Works Projects" as you like.

How does DonateSmarter work?

Can I post more than one project at a time? How?

Yes, you can post multiple projects at a time. We call them "Good Works Projects" or GWP's. And each GWP can run a single fundraiser event at a time.

Once I have posted a project how do I receive the donations? When?

Once your charity has been approved by DonateSmarter, the donations flow immediately!

(donations are processed by PayPal and Dwolla so donated funds flow directly from the donor to your Charity's PayPal or Dwolla account. DonateSmarter never touches donated funds)

What happens if a project receives more funding than it requests?

We have never heard of a charity that can't use the money it receives. The goal of each project and amount it has raised are clearly listed on each project page. So, a project will be "completed" as soon as it reaches its goal amount.

A particular Good Works Project may run successive events to reach its ongoing financial goals as disclosed in its scope of work for that project.

If the demand for a charity's events is high, the charity can register a successive event to open in order to capture the demand.

How is DonateSmarter Funded?

DonateSmarter is free for charities and individual donors to use.

We sell licenses to organizations that choose to support multiple charities on their own corporate website using our system and update fees for multiple and single project sponsors.

Charities can qualify for decreasing percentage to their charities when they offer customized a sponsorship. We also offer coaching to charities to teach them to maximize their use of DonateSmarter.

Charities pay .15 per transaction (less than the cost of a stamp) into Always Give Back, our community fund for using the DonateSmarter system. The Always Give Back fund is paid out to charities within our community at the discretion of DonateSmarter admin at least annually.

Getting started

Can I make a donation of more than a dollar?

Yes. Go for it!!!!

DonateSmarter provides its charities with the most secure and most cost effective transaction processing options available on the internet so 100% of your donation gets to the projects you support!

What if I don't see my charity listed?

They may not have registered for DonateSmarter yet. Please call them and ask them to register. It's FREE and they'll end up saving money!

What if I'm not satisfied with my donation experience?

DonateSmarter's goal is to help charities deliver complete donor satisfaction. Donors will be wowed by all aspects of the donation process. If you are not satisfied with your experience for any reason, email me directly and I will find a way to make it right;

One of the unique aspects of the site is that donors are empowered to rate the charity's performance based on the donor's experience. So let charities know what you need in order to really love what they do.... and don't be surprised if you get a response from the Charity and DonateSmarter. Of course if you feel we've already got it right, we'd ask that you report that too!

How does DonateSmarter work?

Is there any way to keep track of my donations?

Yes all your donations are tracked right on your private dashboard.

Is there a minimum donation?

Quick answer: Nope, a dollar is fine. We believe that "the change in your pocket can change a life" and we prove it every day. Give a dollar or two to several charities and see which ones earn your trust!

Long answer: We accept all donations from $1.00 to $1,000,000+ and we can process either for less than the cost of a stamp and we treat them with the same respect.

We are consistently trying to negotiate the lowest transaction fees and best user experience for our donors and charities. We have selected Dwolla and PayPal as or primary payment processors because of their impeccable reputations, reliability and continued innovation in the industry.

We encourage you to choose for yourself. Which is the better way to process your transactions? You tell us and your charity each time you donate.

If you have any questions please email We'd like to get you the lowest transaction cost possible for each donation so more of your donation reaches the specific project you've selected.

In the nonprofit industry, PayPal defines micro donations are less than $9 and macro donations are more than $9. Dwolla defines micro donations as $10.00 or less and macro donations are larger than that. Each third party company charges different transaction fees and they each rely on the charity to select which account they use to process a donation. That takes programming and that takes money...

DonateSmarter empowers Donors to make their own choice...after all it's your money. And then we send your donation to the lowest cost account and we tell you the processing cost BEFORE you donate. Why??? Because we value your generosity and we want to see your donation do the most good!

How do I know my donation is secure?

All donation transactions go through a third party payment processor. We will never release your personal information to any outside party unless you authorized us to do so.

All donations are currently made through PayPal and Dwolla, leaders in online payments, and are kept private over their secure network. PayPal and Dwolla maintain the highest PCI compliance available.

What are my options for making a donation?

You can pay by credit card or through your PayPal account on PayPal or via bank transfer or through your Dwolla account via Dwolla.

Is my donation tax deductable?

Yes. All projects on are US registered non-profits and have posted their qualifications for tax exempt status (501(c)(3) status. Further, all donations go directly to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, making them tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers to the full extent permitted by law.

You will want to check with your tax preparer to determine the level of your deduction but they'll be impressed when you provide them with a printed IRS compliant donation acknowledgement accounting for all your donation activity throughout the year.

As a registered donor, you can print your own donation summary from your dashboard any time... or just email your CPA a PDF OK?.

How does the money get to the project?

The funds are processed immediately upon donation, by the third party provider you select, PayPal or Dwolla, and placed in the charity's account. DonateSmarter's ledger of all transactions provides the charity with the accountability it needs and the donors with the project transparency they deserve.

By using DonateSmarter the charity has agreed to allocate funds received to the specific projects designated by the donor and to disclose project details via a scope of work submitted for each project.

How do I keep track of the progress of the projects I've donated to?

Just check your secure donor dashboard! We want you to come back to the site to check in on a regular basis, we'll email you updates if you want and we'll text you that your projects site has been updated.

Donor Privacy Policy

What is DonateSmarter's privacy policy?

We protect donor privacy... It's the DNA of our business model. Above all we want you to be comfortable and confident when you donate to your charities. We understand that without you, we would have no business and you could find another place to invest your pocket change, so we strive to earn your trust in everything we do.

You select the charity you prefer.
You select the Good Works Project you prefer.
You decide how much to donate
You select the third party payment processor you prefer.
You select how to be updated about the positive impact of your donation.

Charity review process

What is your Charity review process, and how do I know the project leader is trustworthy?

DonateSmarter reviews each charity's paperwork to verify their designation as a non profit. This means that these projects have satisfied the IRS guidelines and the business & any charity registration process for their particular state.

Although these Charities have completed this verification process, DonateSmarter can't legally endorse, make any representations or warranties or assume any liability for these Charities. That would put us in a legal bind so we depend on you and our other charities to be as vigilant as we are.

We rely on our community to police itself. If you feel something is not right with one of our charities, tell us. We'll handle it quickly...

How can I do aditional research on a particular charity?

We prefer independent third party endorsement from trusted sources (and we'll do our level best to become your trusted source!)

But even then a particular charity's financial records must be made available upon request. The charity's main website is a pretty good place to start - but just double check what you read.

We also recommend Charity Navigator (, GuideStar ( and the Better Business Bureau ( as great resources and most states that regulate the charities soliciting in their jurisdiction will have some form of charity review website where you can further research.

Remember, DonateSmarter charities pledge to put all your donations to work exactly where you directed them to go when you select a particular Good Works Project and donate to its fundraising event.

What is DonateSmarter's mission?

What is DonateSmarter's mission?

Provide a professional, transparent, compelling showcase for the good works projects of dedicated charities that are trying to improve their part of the world.
Connect those good works project(s) with like-minded people who want to support them financially and share in the benefit that happens by doing so.
Provide donors with the ultimate control over when, where, and how much support they give by allowing them to see and experience the actual good the charities are doing... in as close to real time as possible no matter the size of the charity or the donation.

Transaction receipts

With DonateSmarter what does the charity provide to the donor ?

DonateSmarter donors receive an IRS compliant acknowledgement of their donation direct from the processor and a donation disclosure and acknowledgement from DonateSmarter at the time of the transaction.

Donors can also print a report showing their donation activity for the year right from their donor dashboard.

Receipts for donation

Will I get a recept for my donation?

Yes, Donors receive their PayPal statement on their credit card records or their Dwolla statement on their bank transcript and an IRS compliant acknowledgement letter from DonateSmarter.

Donors can also print a report showing their donation activity over the past year from their donor dashboard.

Where can I get information on tax deductability of my contributions?

For more information on charitable contributions, refer to IRS Form 8283 and its instructions, as well as IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions.

Information Disclosure

Can DonateSmarter help my charity's Transparancy and Accountability?

That's exactly what we do!!!
Just follow the registration prompts and we'll help you figure out if you're properly registered and we'll coordinate all your disclosures too.

Transparency is an obligation or willingness by a charity to publish and make available critical data about the organization.
Accountability is an obligation or willingness by a charity to explain its actions.
DonateSmarter maximizes the charity's ability to do both WHILE SAVING THOUSANDS of DOLLARS and HUNDREDS of MAN-HOURS.
Charities that are accountable and transparent are more likely to act with integrity because they want donors to know that they're trustworthy.

Posting Video

How do I post my project's event video?

It's easy to post a video for your fundraising event! Videos show the latest information about your project so it makes sense that we focus on them to advertise your project. Follow these steps to upload a video:

1. Upload your video to YouTube and copy the last part of your YouTube video ID
2. Login to your charity dashboard
3. at My Projects select the Good Works Project your fundraising event pertains to
4. at My Events select edit (pencil) next to the event name
5. Insert the YouTube ID in the box marked video
6. Select Upload Video

You can also watch the video on how to upload a video by going the tutorials library.

Why not donate directly to the charity?

Why not donate direcly to the charity?

By all means donate, just be an educated donor!

Donating directly to a charity via their website or by any means that reveals your location makes a charity "reasonably responsible" for properly registering in that state PRIOR TO YOU SEEING THEIR SOLICITATION! IF YOU DONATE and they are not preregistered they can be fined THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS per violation. Even then, registering in multiple states costs a lot of time and money that the charity might otherwise be able to put toward its cause.

The solicitation laws differ from State to State but one thing is clear. If the charity knows what state your donation originated from, they "must be registered to solicit in that state".

A better question might be "Why not donate through DonateSmarter"
1). DonateSmarter coordinates your charity's transaction processing accounts. (DonateSmarter software automatically sends each donation to be processed by the most cost effective account your charity has based on the donation size... PayPal expects a charity to do that on their own and makes extra money when they don't!)
2). DonateSmarter allows donors to choose who processes their donation and therefore how much it costs.
3). DonateSmarter donors know all fees up front and can select "pay the transaction fees" prior to checkout.
4). DonateSmarter allows charities & donors to communicate directly with video and text while preserving their anonymity.

All this may sound like semantics but it translates into empowering donors and saving charities a lot of money so they can put the donation to work more efficiently!

Why use DonateSmarter?

Why not just do what we've been doing?

By all means accept donations directly, just be aware of what that means!

Soliciting donations directly via the charity website or by any means that reveals your donor's location makes a charity "reasonably responsible" for properly registering in that state where the donation was solicited. Some states require registration PRIOR to solicitation. Charity registration in any state costs time and money (even if you are exempt from state fees) that your charity would otherwise be able to put toward its cause.

The solicitation laws differ from State to State but one thing is clear, if the charity knows what state a donation originated from, they "must be registered to solicit in that state".

A better question might be "Why not accept donations through DonateSmarter?"
1). DonateSmarter coordinates your charity's transaction processing accounts.
(DonateSmarter software automatically sends each donation to be processed by the most cost effective account your charity has based on the donation size... PayPal expects you to do that on your own and makes extra money when you don't!)
2). DonateSmarter allows donors to choose who processes their donation and therefore how much it costs.
3). DonateSmarter donors know all fees up front and can select "pick up the fee" prior to checkout.
4). DonateSmarter allows charities & donors to communicate directly with video and text while preserving their anonymity.

All this may sound like semantics but it translates into empowering donors and saving charities a lot of money so they can put the donation to work more efficiently!

What do I get for my .15?

Great question... We're glad you asked!

DonateSmarter charges just .15 per donation for crowd funding effort Always Give Back, on top of the standard processing fees charged by its third party transaction processors: PayPal & Dwolla.

For just .15, DonateSmarter allows donors and charities to directly connect with each other in a way that PayPal, Dwolla and your charity website cannot...

Features like, disclosing the transaction fees to donors up front, empowering donors by allowing them to choose how they process their transaction via Dwolla or PayPal and allowing your donor to pick up the charge for the transaction fee are all great cost saving measures for the charity. Those savings really add up.

DonateSmarter empowers charities to reach out and say "Thank You. Your donation truly has made a difference - and here's how..." with video, text and photo updates sent directly to each donor for the life of the project, while saving your charity the cost of stamps and mailings in the process.(average saving of .29 per mailing - that adds up too!)

We don't compete with your current fundraising efforts... We compliment them. We help you add transparency and security so your donor knows where their donation went and exactly how it was used throughout the project. And we keep you clear of multi state registration and disclosure requirements and the costs that go along with them.

Our goal is to help charities build relationships with the people who truly care about the success of the project, and update them every step of the way - while still costing less than the price of a stamp :)

Please feel free to call. We'd love to help your project and we'll be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

What is Dwolla?

What is Dwolla?

Dwolla is a third party payment processing system which is far less expensive than PayPal or other options.

Check out all the information on the Dwolla link to understand exactly how much you can save your charity by using Dwolla!

If you are going to make a large single donation Dwolla is the way to go.

Adding Charity or Project Page

How do I add a profile picture for other administrators or project managers?

The user must set their profile picture, then any charity admin type can change the actual manager.

So for example, you have David (charity admin) and Mary (manager).

Mary must set her picture in her profile. Then David can set the project manager to be Mary and Poof! Mary's picture will show up on that project and she'll be able to enter details and video for that project's updates. When you set a project manager, it pulls all the data from the charity user's account.

PCI Compliance

I'm concerned about PCI compliance

You should be! PCI Compliance exposure is a serious matter. That's why we let the Big Boys of the industry handle it...and you should too! PAYPAL and DWOLLA handle all your donors' sensitive information so you don't have to worry about (or pay extra) protecting it and neither do they.

What is PCI Compliance?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for the major debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards. If you touch the records you are responsible for making sure they don't fall into the wrong hands... That's expensive, but not doing it is even worse!

What is the Always Give Back fund?

What is Always Give Back

Always Give Back is a community fund created by the .15 per donation all charities are asked to pay for using At least annually (and more frequently as the volume grows on the site) DonateSmarter will always give back these funds by putting them to use in the DonateSmarter community.

"Donate Now" buttons ?

Why syncronize all my Donation buttons with DonateSmarter?

Why synchronize all my “Donate Now” buttons with DonateSmarter?

- Begins your donor development system in a no cost, high touch, highly personalized manner.
- Allows donor to direct donations of any size to single project. Charity receives funds instantly.
- Empowers donors with transfer options. PayPal (fee) or Dwolla (free).
- Illustrates and educates donor of the hidden costs of donation so they can DonateSmarter (get it?).
- Engages donor with Donor Impact Tracking system to reward promoting your project.
- Engages donor with Pledge of Support system to reward promoting your project as they "walk and talk".
- Eliminates risk of enforcement for foreign entity noncompliance...(This is a very big issue!)
- Eliminates multi state registration and reporting requirements and associated costs.
- Eliminate PCI compliance risks – We use PayPal and Dwolla – Let them handle it!
- Coordinates the lowest PayPal fee – We direct donations to the most cost effective account – PayPal doesn’t do that...
- Allows donors to “pick up the fee” if they choose – 80% do.
- Customizes compliance of all future donor contact (IRS receipts, State disclosure &updates).

Maybe a better question to ask is... Why wouldn’t you?

How do I sysncronize my Donations through DonateSmarter?

It's easy!
Once you've logged in to your project...
1. In the "project statistics" section, select "Add a Donate Now Button"
2. Customize the color of your button to compliment your website and select it from the drop down menu. (You can view it in the image preview to see if you like it)
3. Copy the code from the "Website Code" display and paste it in an email to your Website Manager (or if you happen to be the website manager...) insert it in the proper location of your website's code!

Now all your supporters can DonateSmarter!

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