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Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, feed him for his life.

DonateSmarter, is a registered 501(c)(3); Tax ID 84-3103213 FDACS CH# 60850. 

We raise funds to support our education and mentoring efforts, for local initiatives and international causes that move us and need our resources to become independent charitable organizations providing vital services in their community.

The purpose of the DonateSmarter platform is to help nonprofit organizations increase their state and federal compliance, transparency, and accountability; to provide and facilitate their collaboration with for-profit corporations and corporate community involvement opportunities through education, technology, and coaching, and to showcase the community benefits of for-profit and nonprofit collaboration by facilitating and documenting community impact.

Welcome to DonateSmarter

You'd rather eat at a restaurant where the chef and owner eat their own cooking wouldn't you? We believe in our product and we use it to help others every day!

We started a few years back to learn more about the challenges non-profits face, fundraising regulation, and what donors want. Do you know what we found? Most charities are a few highly motivated people who share a passion and want to make a difference, and most donors are people who may not have a lot to give, but are happy to help and motivated to make a difference.

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Altruism: "behavior that benefits others at one's own expense."

Sounds simple enough: Do a good deed. Tell your story. Let others help. Repeat. But of the 397 Billion dollars donated to US non-profits in 2019, 75-90% of it came from individual donors, yet over 90% of donations went to 10% of the active charities. That's a problem.

As donors, we frequently overlook small local charities doing great work right in our communities. Donors and experts said, "It's complicated." So we asked "Why?" and we listened...
And we heard a lot of the same reasons.

Charities told us, "Try to increase the scope of your charity to help more people and it gets complicated... Very complicated". So again, we asked "Why?" and we listened...
And we kept hearing similar issues. 

That got us thinking

Make fundraising easier, less expensive, and more transparent for charities and accessible and more fun for their donors and corporate sponsors. Most important, give charities an easy way to show donors their impact and help people who want to donate, donate smarter. (See what we did there?)


Eliminates the high cost of donor acquisition, engagement, and retention, allowing charities to handle unlimited donors professionally and cost-effectively. We help charities nurture each donor's relationship with a project so the charity can treat all donations, small or large, with equal importance and, therefore, all donors, with equal respect.

More about your "Wow" experience and less about your wallet

By focusing on the personal impact donors have on a project, we make it more about their "Wow" experience and less about their wallet. Fun tools like Donor Impact Tracking, automatic updates, electronic receipts, P2P pages, Pledge of Support systems allow donors to collaborate with charities and build their relationship over time. As the donor-charity relationship grows, the potential for positive impact grows. We are building a community based on individuals making a continuous meaningful positive impact locally, nationally, and around the world. Join us!

"The change in your pocket can change a life."


David G. Drake

David G. Drake -


David lives and works in a small beach town with his lovely wife and three beautiful children. Before starting DonateSmarter, he worked in residential permitting, construction and finance, and coached youth football, soccer and rowing at the high school and college levels.  David earned his BA from Boston College in '86 and a Masters from the University of Florida '09. Before parenthood, he enjoyed endurance runs and swims including the Cape Cod Ironman and the Boston Marathon.  Since becoming a dad he finds raising three children under ten to be enough of a challenge. If he's not working with charities you'll usually find him playing with his kids, most likely in or near the ocean.

The balance of the team is listed below. They are all accomplished individuals, talented entrepreneurs and I consider them good friends. Contact us directly. We'd love to help you with your charity or help you find a great charity to support. - David G. Drake
Jon Winter

Jon Winter -

Legal - IP, Patent & Trademark Law

Mr. Winter represents clients in a wide range of Patent, Trademark and Copyright matters from prosecution of Patents and Trademarks to litigation, licensing, opinion work, inter-partes proceedings, and Trademark oppositions and cancellations.

Mr. Winter was a multiple time United States National Rowing Team member, competing at a number of World Cup and World Championship events and he also won the 2011 H.O.C.R and Lake Placid Ironman in 2012. These days his free time is spent with his lovely wife Becca and their new baby boy!

Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron -

Digital Navigation

Matt is the founder and CEO of Cameron Digital Consulting, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses gain the visibility, growth, and sales that they deserve. Matt is an expert in SEO, SEM, PPC Advertising, and conversion optimization. As a fellow entrepreneur, Matt is keen on searching for ways to help others succeed in expanding their business, without having to worry about the nuances of marketing and content creation. 

Vasile Diaconu

Vasile Diaconu -

CTO & Project Manager at EBS Integrator

"V" makes EBS work for his clients. EBS Integrator designs unique solutions for internet based business. They offer end-to-end custom software development services, bringing business concepts to life with outstanding digital tools. Their Apps will make you work faster, easier and smarter: any time – anywhere. V will help you make it happen.

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