Brevard County Charities

$ 1,500.00 Grant


I'd like to introduce you to a friend.

Eugene and I have known each other for several years.

He has a great story. Actually, he has a lot of great stories, and I want you to be part of them going forward.

Eugene has lived in Brevard County for about ten years with his wife and two daughters. He loves this location. His wife works in Palm Bay and his daughters go to school here.

Just like you, he makes his living here.

Eugene immediately saw the value of investing in local charities, like yours, through

DonateSmarter to improve the community that supports his business.

He also understands the value of Embrace and Empower Philanthropy, combining financial and physical investment to help a charity improve while improving the community. That's a cornerstone of DonateSmarter.

He will leverage his business resources to help any Brevard County charities registered and active on DonateSmarter. Eugene will invest several thousand dollars in Brevard County over the next year. It should increase from there.

He has registered The Rocket Group – EXP Realty with DonateSmarter’s Corporate Community Involvement program and we are looking for worthy Brevard County charities.

"We are looking for charities that are making an impact in Brevard County". -

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"Supporting charities that are building the communities that support my business just makes sense.

DonateSmarter helps me manage

my community involvement."

Passionate people make great local charities

How can I help you?

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Sign Up or Sign In to DonateSmarter to register or update your charity's profile and take the first step in corporate sponsorship.

We are happy to help you as you improve the world and

make Brevard County a better place to live!

Its easy to be eligible for this and other grant opportunities:

1.     Sign up to register your Charity on

to show us who you are, exactly what you do (your passion), how you do it (your impact).

2.      Update your project (at least every 25 days) to be eligible for all the grant and embrace & empower opportunities.

3.      Get busy improving your community & saving the world! So,

register your charity today and be eligible for this grant and others

throughout the year simply by updating your DonateSmarter site.

Embrace & Empower VS. Hug and Release

You wouldn't expect a student in grade school to be able to handle high school work would you? We didn't think so!

As a parent or a teacher you'd embrace their passion, put them on a path to master the right skills and empower them... for years, until they were ready to take on the challenge.

Let's face it. If you survived the last year in business, you have a superpower.

That gift, which you probably take for granted, can help you coach the next great charity if you work smarter, not harder. will help you do that.

DonateSmarter will help you:

  1. Find the best-fit charities that share your passion,
  2. Manage your physical and financial investment in those charities.
  3. Help you help your business in the process.