Always Give Back

$1,000 Rolling Grant for Local Charities


$10,000 Impact Grant(s)

Currently Funding $10,000.00

All grants awarded to non-profits registered and active on

$1,000 Rolling grant is funded through proceeds from gifts and sales of branded non-profit collections.

Receive your branded shop and collection when you are active on

$10,000 Impact Grant is funded privately and awarded June 23rd, September 22nd & December 1st, 2022

for "Impact in the community".

The not so fine print:

Your grant application is your registration.

Your eligibility renews when you update your activity on at least every 25 days.

Do you wish running a local charity was easier?

What if you could do well by doing your good deeds better?

Ever wish you had a few friends in the Non-profit industry that wanted to help you change the world?

Like Minded People

Without a doubt there is something very empowering and pleasurable about hanging around with people who understand your focus to change the world

Passion Drives Performance

Heart beats talent every time. Your passion to make a difference got you this far. It's time to connect with those who appreciate it so you can reach your goals

Work Smarter,
Not Harder

The truth is, no one does it alone. Leverage your strengths. Attract the right help. Solve the problem with a team that shares your drive. Improve your community...Together!

Do well by helping others do better

Attract financial and physical supporters who value what you deliver in their community. Allow them to benefit from helping you.

Main Benefits

Open Grant

Use it for any reasonable purpose to improve your charity and increase your impact.

Ongoing Opportunity

Your active account, updated every 25 days, on DonateSmarter, makes you eligible for multiple grants throughout the year

Embrace & Empower

Find the help you need to make your charity a household name. World wide, nationally or around your community, make a difference!