Our mission is two fold: Education & Scholarships. Once a family has the Water Safety Education, they may need a means to skill their child. This is when the SSF Scholarship program steps in.

Swim Safe Forever knows that what is best for our children is not always possible within our budget. In an effort to provide more children in our community the gift of survival. Swim Safe Forever provides partial scholarships for survival swim lessons based on financial need.

Financial need is determined by family income in association with federal poverty guidelines. You can help by donating to this project.

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Pamela Drake
ISR was the best money we ever spent on our family. I could see that when each of my three kids learned how to "handle themselves" in the water. But the value of these skills didn't hit home for me until the afternoon my youngest son fell off his Uncle's dock into the river. He was right next to me and in an instant, he was gone. I couldn't see him, I couldn't jump in for fear of hurting him, so I waited (for what seemed like an eternity) to see him pop to the surface with a smile then roll onto his back take a breath and look for my hand... Just another adventure for him! Thanks Carmen -
January 22, 2018
Donated: More than a year ago
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