The I Am Proof (IAP) Anchor Program will preserve the continuity between IAP group mentoring five-sessions program, and invest in the support and capability of the graduates require to continue on their journey to success. The Anchor program will continue to develop life skills grounded in the needs of each mentee as ell as address relevant concerns of the mentee that influence their personal self.

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I met Jacqueline Chandler a few years ago and I have watched her build her dream of breaking the connection between truancy, delinquency and incarceration, into a real mentoring program that is impacting lives right here in our community called I AM PROOF! While so many people whine about a problem, Jacqueline is implementing a solution... Right here in our community. She sees value in these boys. And IAP helps these boys find value in themselves. She's a Hometown Hero... Great job.
January 22, 2018
Donated: More than a year ago
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