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Villair's Parkwood Farms Riding Scholarship 2014 is just getting started, help to Launch their project by donating now!

About This Project:

Manager Alfancena Barrett-Davis
Alfancena Barrett-Davis
Project Manager

I am Villair's mom. Because of my health history I am unable to work and provide for Villair's riding needs. Therapuetic riding has helped in Villair's language development. I am requesting your help with his "Riding Scholarship Funds."

Project Description

Villair is a loving and hard working young man with Down's Syndrome.

Villair was adopted by his aunt who is a five time cancer survivor, when he lost both parents within a year. Villair missed out on speech therapy in his early years and as a result he does not verbally express himself with confidence.

This Riding Scholarship was established to help Villair increase his expressive language skills and confidence. Villair was given the opportunity to ride and from observation riding brings out in Villair a side we otherwise would not be seen outside of riding...

Whenever Villair went out on the trail he appeared to be more talkative and confident.

Project Needs

Parkwood Farms in Snellville, Georgia facilitates Villair's riding lessons by allowing Villair to get the benefit of riding while he is actively raising money toward his expenses.

For Villair to continue this experience which is very beneficial for his language development; he will need the sum of $2,000.00 for the year lessons.

We cannot do this without your help, so we ask family, friends and associates to donate as little as a $1.00 or as much as you are able to and to share this page with their family and friends.

Your kindness will be greatly appreciated.

Project Schedule

This project scholarship is set up for a year, February 3, 2014 through February 3, 2015, and through th egenerocity of Parkwood Farms and Dr. Peterson we will be are able to ride as we raise money for our scholarship.

We'll keep you updated each week as we see Villair progress and work toward his goals.

Thank you for your support.

Project Beneficiaries

As Villair progresses we are expected to observe the following:

  • Villair's confidence increase

  • Villair ask appropriate questions on the job

  • Villair initiates conversation with family and friends

  • Villair the skills in his riding activities

State disclosure

Parkwood Farms Therapy Center Inc.GA registration number 0331538, is located at 2519 Parkwood Rd Snellville, GA 30039; Phone: 678-344-6821 and raises funds for multiple projects which are visible through this website and at the Charity's Website.

A copy of our latest financial records is available upon request.

Additional Funds Raised:

Source of additional Funds Additional Dollar Raised
N/A $305.00
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