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Phase I: Overlook Bible Training Center Dormitory is just getting started, help to Launch their project by donating now!

About This Project:

Manager Dorothy Mounts
Dorothy Mounts
Project Manager

Nick and Dorothy Mounts were called into full-time street ministry in Dayton, Ohio in 1993. Commissioned and ordained by Dr. Dean R. Lundsford, they founded and pastored Overlook Ministries.

Project Description

We have started Phase 1 of the building project which is to employ the services of surveyor to develop a site plan to present to the City of Cocoa to begin the process of permitting and architect design

Project Needs

This is a very large project We will add estimated completion dates for milestones and breakdown of costs as soon as they are available complete and the builder has been consulted At this time we are estimating the costs to be in the neighborhood of 500000 and we are breaking it down to different phases Our Phase 1 Plan will take us to the first step of building the new dorm! We have a waiting list of men for the program but the temp dorm is just too small! Time is criticalPhase 1: Architecture plans Engineering and Ecologist cost

Project Schedule

Our goal to have this project complete is by the end of the month of June 2015

Project Beneficiaries

The Bible Training Center is an ongoing project which will help men of Brevard County Florida and the surrounding areas for many many years Being able to give our men the stability and security of a place to go where they will find a refuge from the daily pressure of their life controlling behaviors Therefore enabling them the opportunity to make real progress toward their goal Program Details for Overlook Bible Training Center: By applying the Word of God and Christian principles our program at the Bible Training Center is designed to work when everything else has failedand these men need what Overlook Ministries provides including: One year of intensive Bible training Work ethic development Vocational training Discipline This is all accomplished in an atmosphere of love; we call it Direction with Affection Free of charge we are funded strictly by donations from partners and friendsValke Burtons TestimonyI love Jesus and I love Overlook Ministries! After 42 years of daily drinking and pot smoking I finally surrendered my life to God in 2004 I learned about Overlook Ministries and volunteered to bring clothes and toiletries to the Saturday meeting at the Cocoa LibrarySince then they have become my family Pastors Nick and Dorothy are my mentors best friends and immediate family My involvement with Overlook has helped me stay sober and build my relationship with Jesus My dream is to have a permanent place for our men where they can learn to be functional through Jesus

State disclosure

This project does not have state disclosure

Additional Funds Raised:

Source of additional Funds Additional Dollar Raised
N/A $0.00
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