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Parkwood Farms Therapy Center Scholarship Fund 2020 is just getting started, help to Launch their project by donating now!

About This Project:

Manager Marilyn Peterson
Marilyn Peterson
Project Manager

All life is precious. All life is fragile. The magic of life happens when we come together, no matter how precious and fragile, and create stronger, enabled and confident. That's why we are here. That's what we do.

Project Description

Most of our rider's families can afford the small fee for Equine Assisted Activities and Therapeutic Riding.

BUT...There are a few of them that can not. We will not turn them away. That's where the scholarship fund and you come in!

Riders will continue to ride as long as they are actively raising funds for the scholarship program.

We offer Equine Assisted Activities, Therapeutic Horseback riding, and a Special Olympics Equestrian team. Recently adding a drill team for our Special Olympians.

Children 2 years old and above can participate in our programs. Although,  they must be 8 years old to be part of the Special Olympics team.

If you've received this link you probably love one of our riders as much or more than we do, or you know someone who does.

We are changing lives. The results are real. Come see for yourself. You are always welcome in Snellville and at Parkwood Farms' Therapy Center.

But don't worry. If you are kind enough to support us through this link, we will keep you updated on all our accomplishments throughout the year!

Project Needs

The general scholarship fund is an ongoing effort to raise money for our riders who need financial assistance. While the goal is to fund the project with $5250 until that happens entirely, we feel it is best to use the funds on hand as necessary to keep the kids active in our program.

"We've never turned a rider away for financial reasons" Consistency is crucial for the development of our students, and the rewards are priceless.

We encourage our students to maintain a scholarship fundraising page, which is specifically for their therapy expenses so they can quickly spread the word to friends and family about the benefit they receive from participating in our program.

We encourage you to support your favorite rider or horse directly through the link they sent you.

If you love the whole concept and don't want to pick a specific project, then our scholarship fund is where you should donate.

We use these funds to support the entire operation and any individual who requires some financial assistance for whatever reason. We never turn anyone away... That's just our philosophy!

The general scholarship fund is an ongoing effort. As long as we have willing riders, our goal is to find ways to help them! This fund helps us make that a reality for those students with financial challenges.

Description Amount
1 session 1 rider $50.00
1 month 1 rider $150.00
1 year 1 rider $1,750.00
1 pr. child's riding breeches $50.00
1 child's equestrian helmet $60.00
i pr, child's English Riding Boots $100.00
1 close contact saddle $1,800.00

If a project has filled its need for a “Line item”, your funds may be applied to additional project needs. You may be able to claim a deduction for federal and state income tax purposes for the fair market value of the gift subject to section 170 of the IRS code. Please consult your tax advisor to determine your proper deduction.

Project Schedule

The general scholarship fund is an ongoing effort.

We ride rain or shine...year round. As long as we have riders that need us. 

Our programs are designed to help them improve physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. WE are continually adding to our programs and facility.

Our goal is to find ways to help them obtain their goals!

This fund helps us make that a reality for those with financial challenges.

From all of us at Parkwood Farms we'd like to say "thanks" for helping us achieve such great goals.

We've come a long way and we want you to know we couldn't do it with out the support of people like you!

Project Beneficiaries

We all benefit!

Our instructors, volunteers, parents, and families and of course our riders. 

Riders gain the confidence necessary to grow and achieve a glimpse of the independence most of us often take for granted. Simple things like clearer speech, personal skills, knowing their name and address in case of an emergency...

Take a look at the picture galleries and the videos of any of our projects and you'll benefit too!

Come by for a visit and see for yourself!

You are invited to stop by the Center to view our facilities and programs. Until your visit, we hope that you find your visit to our site informative, educational and uplifting.

Please check back often; this is the best spot for the latest news and upcoming events

All donors will be automatically updated by text message when we post new pictures or videos or reach some of our milestones. We also welcome your questions and comments so please spread the word to family and friends.

Your efforts make a real difference in the life of our riders every day!

Like our riders...Thanks for doing the BEST you can do!

State disclosure

Parkwood Farms Therapy Center Inc.GA registration number 0331538, is located at 2519 Parkwood Rd Snellville, GA 30039; Phone: 678-344-6821 and raises funds for multiple projects which are visible through this website and at the Charity's Website.

A copy of our latest financial records is available upon request.

Additional Funds Raised:

Source of additional Funds Additional Dollar Raised
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