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Parkwood Farms Equestrian Competition Team - New Riding Uniforms for Athletes Uniform Closet is just getting started, help to Launch their project by donating now!

About This Project:

Manager Marilyn Peterson
Marilyn Peterson
Project Manager

All life is precious. All life is fragile. The magic of life happens when we come together, no matter how precious and fragile, and create stronger, enabled and confident. That's why we are here. That's what we do.

Project Description

Parkwood Farms Therapy Center (PFTC) has been the training center for the Gwinnett County Schools Equesdtrian Team for the past 10 years. Dr. Marilyn Peterson coached the athletes that were members of that team and participated in those competitions. PFTC is proud to announce that Parkwood Farms Equestrians has recently become an accredited competition team representing PFTC. Now it is time for us to outfit our athletes in proper riding attire to reflect our new status! Over the years the team has maintained a "Uniform Closet" that consisted of gently used and hand-me-down uniforms. Ten years has taken its toll on our inventory and what we are able to offer our athletes. Normal wear and tear; along with growing athletes has made our "Uniform Closet" practically obsolete. WE need YOUR help to outfit our athletes with riding uniforms that fit (as you can see in some of the old photos not all uniforms fit properly). This will also allow us to have matching jackets pants and shirts instead of the mismatched jackets, worn out pants and the "not-returned" blouses we have now. All uniforms purchased will allow us to dress our athletes in style and update our "Uniform Closet". The only thing we ask of the parents/athletes for the use of the uniforms is that they have them dry cleaned and returned to the "Uniform Closet" in the condition that they borrowed them.

Project Needs

Parkwood Farms Equestrian's competition team is in need of new riding uniforms to update their Uniform Closet to attend local and state horse shows. Also, our four legged team members need new garb to look as good as our athletes. This will help all of them shine like the Super Stars that they are when they make their debut in the competition ring representing Parkwood Farms Therapy Center! Each Rider needs: (approx cost $475 per athlete) 1- Navy riding jacket (solid) 1- Riding khaki (light colored) breeched / jodhpurs 2- Lavender Equestrian show Blouse (girls) 1- White dress shirt (boys) 1- Purple necktie (boys) 1- Pair Black Paddock boots 1- Pair Black Half-Chaps 1- Black belt 1- Black velvet helmet cover Each Team Horse needs: (approx cost $ 250 per horse) 1- Saddle blanket (purple) with logo embroidered on both sides 1- Purple halter 1- Purple lead rope 1- Stall sheet for travel 1- Pair shipping boots

Project Schedule

Parkwood Farms Equestrians competition team needs their new riding uniforms by the first week of October 2015. The Team's first show will be the SOGA State Horse Show in Gainesville, GA on October 9-11. Ideally the team could get their uniforms in September in order to be able to practice in full dress!

Project Beneficiaries

Your contribution to Parkwood Farms Equestrians Competition Teams Uniform Closet will benefit our athletes now and in the future for years to come. All items purchased through your donations will become part of the inventory of the Uniform Closet and will be available to all athletes at no cost. They only need to return the items dry cleaned and in good condition. Parkwood Farms Equestrians is made up of riders / athletes of all ages over 8 years old. Each member has what some may call a disability; we see it as uniqueness. Team members diagnosed with conditions such as Autism, Down syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders and many other labels, find a sense of pride and a feeling of belonging because of the experience of being part of our team. Team members cheer each other on; eat together and bond with one another. It is a beautiful sight to watch our athletes blossom. Many families of people with special needs are financially stretched to the limit. The availability of the riding uniforms can be the difference between an athlete being able to join the team or not. Our goal is to give our very special riders every opportunity to be part of the team. Please! Help us obtain our goal!

State disclosure

Parkwood Farms Therapy Center Inc.GA registration number 0331538, is located at 2519 Parkwood Rd Snellville, GA 30039; Phone: 678-344-6821 and raises funds for multiple projects which are visible through this website and at the Charity's Website.

A copy of our latest financial records is available upon request.

Additional Funds Raised:

Source of additional Funds Additional Dollar Raised
N/A $0.00
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