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08 Jul, 2016
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08 Jul, 2016
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24 Jun, 2016
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17 Dec, 2015
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05 Feb, 2016
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Mary Anne
19 Dec, 2015
Happy travels, NY! Bless you for carrying on this tradition. I will meet you in Yellowstone!!!
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19 Dec, 2015
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About This Project:

Manager Shanon Harris
Shanon Harris
Project Manager

NAFI-NY empowers and strengthens youth, families and communities through supportive, innovative programs and strategies that respect individuality and culture.

Project Description

The NAFI NY region would like to select 3 youth from our region to participate in a (4) week cross-country road trip. Youth will be selected by April 2016. The months of May and June will be devoted to a weekly seminar with the participating youth to teach them about the history and geography of the locations we will be visiting, basic wilderness survival skills and culture. In addition to the before mentioned skills this project will provide youth with an opportunity to learn or enhance independent living skills such as budgeting, cooking, team building, socialization and problem solving skills.

During the road trip we will be asking the youth to keep a video diary which will provide the content for a reflective post trip group. The entire trip will be documented on video with the hopes of producing a DVD of the trip for each youth that participates. Upon returning from the trip the youth will also participate in editing the video and planning an event to display the video for their parents, foster parents, community partners and funders.

Project Needs


Total estimated costs, excluding in-kind support, are approximately $15,000.00. This includes a $2000.00 cushion for an emergency return. We are requesting $2000.00 from NAFI’s Arts Initiative, a grant fund available to all NAFI programs to encourage the use of arts. NAFI NY has formed and fund raising committee with the intentions of youth and staff involved in the project holding fund raising events to help support the cost of the trip.


Food items estimate:

• $150.00 on food preparation food for a week: $600.00

• $15.00 on each individual for snacks and misc.: 3,150.00

• Car fridge: $180.00

• Eating supplies: to include plastic plates, forks, spoons, knives, paper towels, preparation utensils: $65.00

• Camping cooking set: $60.00

• Burner camp stove: $120.00

Subtotal: $4,175.00

Sleeping items:

• Sleeping bag @ 100.00 each: $700.00

• Sleeping pads @ 100.00 each: $700.00

• 2 person tent:$150.00

• 5 person tent: $250.00

Subtotal: $1,800.00


• First aid car kit to include aspirin: $75.00

• Money for laundromat: $65.00

• Laundry detergent: $25.00

• Batteries: $25.00

• Cleaning supplies: Sponge, soap, large basin, dry towels: $15.00

• Toilet paper: $60.00

• Camera: $250.00

• Flashlight: $25.00

Subtotal: $540.00


• Enterprise Car Rental: $2,625.00

• Gas: $1,120.00

• Vehicle parking charge: $210.00

Subtotal: $4,035.00


• Camp grounds: $500.00

• Hotels: $1,700.00

Subtotal: $2,200.00


National Park Tours: $211.00

Subtotal: $211.00

Grand estimated total: $12,961.00

Donations needed:

Items required for Individual to bring:

• Trekking packs

• Canteen/reusable water bottle

• Soap

• Soap case

• Shampoo

• Toothbrush

• Toothpaste

• Towels

• Toiletries (Qtips, floss, cotton balls, etc.)

• Pillow

• Light blankets

• Binoculars

• Insect repellant

• Sun screen

• Hand sanitizer

• Wet wipes

• Tissue paper

Project Schedule

This project is designed to be long term.

Phase 1 of the project will be to implement independent living skill and education groups for the youth that will be attending the trip. During this period youth will be learning basic wilderness skills, socialization skills and budgeting skills.

Phase 2 of the project is the actual trip exposing the youth to historical landmarks throughout the United States.

Phase 3 of the project is the youth will be developing an open house showing of their video blog and having a "reunion" presentation where family members, funders and community members are able to interview them about their experience. During this period the youth will be working on project management and event planning.

Project Beneficiaries

Needs Addressed:

Mentorship- Each youth that participates in the Road to Life will be connected to an adult staff member that will serve as a role model and guide for the throughout the development of the trip and during the trip.

Daily living skills- Youth will have an opportunity to learn and/or enhance tangible daily living skills such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, traveling and budgeting.

Self-care- The Road to Life trip will give the youth an opportunity to escape from their day-to-day trials and tribulations and reflect on life from a broader perspective.

Goals we hope to achieve:

Increased self-esteem
the ability to take well calculated risk

Expand concept development (broaden horizons)

Increase awareness of opportunities beyond NY

Improve socialization skills through team building

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