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22 Jan, 2018
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22 Jan, 2018
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22 Jan, 2018
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About This Project:

Manager Marilyn Peterson
Marilyn Peterson
Project Manager

All life is precious. All life is fragile. The magic of life happens when we come together, no matter how precious and fragile, and create stronger, enabled and confident. That's why we are here. That's what we do.

Project Description

“My name is Molly. Doc calls me Molly By Golly or sings Molly, Molly, Molly, Mol-ly…..Mol---ly. She doesn’t sing very well, but I always respond... because I know she loves me ”

 “I am an Appaloosa…I have spots on my coat, stripes on my hooves, and that is why you can see the whites of my eyes.”

“Sometimes I think that people get nervous around me because they can see the whites of my eyes; they don’t know that is normal for an Appaloosa horse.”

“Occasionally someone might think I am mad or wild because of my eyes. Once they know me they realize I am an awesome horse.”

“I am the oldest horse at Parkwood Farms. The other horses do not bother me…they know better. They respect me.”

“I have a mind of my own. I like to be asked to do things…not told or bossed around. Just like you I bet.”

“If someone seems to not like me…I don’t want them around me and I let them know how I feel with my body language.”

“A friend of Doc’s gave me to her several years ago. I was being abused by an old cowboy. She brought me home with another horse that day. That lady and I never bonded, so she offered me to Doc to be part of Parkwood Farms therapy horse team.”

“When I met Doc, it was like we were made for each other. She has been my person ever since”

“I do not like the side walkers to crowd me on my sides; maybe it is because of my past abuse. Now I get extra love and treated like a Queen.”

“I have trained the volunteers very well. When I am out of hay in my stall I rub my teeth on the feed pan until they throw me a flake of hay. At feeding time I paw at the ground and so I get fed first.”

“I work with the more advanced riders. My job is to help the kids become better riders.”

“I am now a part of drill team. I have some mixed emotions. When we are all moving in our patterns it is so much fun…right up until we have squeeze in close together in a line.

“I enjoy eating and splashing in the pond water. Standing under the trees in the breeze is one of my favorite things.”

“My most favorite thing of all is when Doc rides me in sessions to show riders how they should ride on their horses. I feel really special on those days and I know that I am really helping the riders.”



Project Needs

Hello, this is Molly again…

I just wanted to share a few words about the special needs that I and the other horses that work with Kids with Special Needs require.

Everyday horse care averages $300.00 per horse each month… that includes feed, hay, and regular farrier visits to trim our feet. That does not include any emergency visits from the vet or special equipment to help me do my job.

i need a special saddles that can adjust to fit my backs and a cushy therapeutic saddle pad.

The saddles the other horses use were used when we got them, and that was like 16 years ago and they are worn out. The other problem is that older saddles cannot be adjusted to fit each horse properly. A saddle that doesn’t fit correctly can cause back pain, pressure points that cause discoloration of our coat, and in worse cases…atrophy of the muscles under where the saddle sits.

Most therapy horses are older like me and need special diets, supplements, and even special hay like Alfalfa. Also the older we get the more often the vet needs to come and check on us.

Another need is blankets. I only need a light blankets when it is cold. In the summer, I could use a fly sheet to keep the bugs from biting me and the sun from giving me a sunburn.

Please look below for specific needs… and thank you so much for your time and generosity.

Description Amount
1 Month Sponsorship $300.00
1 Year Sponsorship $3,600.00
Saddle 17 1/2" Adj. Pessoa #15692 $1,875.00

You agree that at the total discretion of the charity if a project has filled its need for a “Line item”, your funds may be applied to additional project needs. You may be able to claim a deduction for federal and state income tax purposes for the fair market value of the gift subject to section 170 of the IRS code. Please consult your tax advisor to determine your proper deduction.

Project Schedule

My project timeline is now/immediate and ongoing.

Immediate need is a new saddle that will fit me and is big enough for the ones that ride me. Right now I do not have my own saddle. When a rider wants to ride on me they have to borrow Doc’s saddle.

Although I am lucky enough to have my own Bitless Bridle, I have to share it with Monty.

I could really use a therapeutic saddle pad.

The ongoing needs, daily, monthly, and yearly add up quickly. These kind of things like food, hay, supplements, fly spray, and grooming products, just to mention a few. Monthly vet and farrier bills.

Please see the list below for a few specific items.

Help me change the lives of the riders and their families…with as little as the change in your pocket.



Project Beneficiaries

My project effects and benefits so many with your help.

First of all it will help little old me.

Helping with the ongoing expenses for food, farrier, and vet bills will keep the stress down for everyone here at Parkwood Farms.

Offsetting the cost of new saddle that will properly fit is so important. I would be able to work with more riders as they advance without having to borrow Doc’s. A new therapeutic pad will keep my old back from getting sore during sessions.

With the proper equipment I need it makes my job much easier. Stress free horses in turn make happier and safer sessions.

The volunteers are happier working with a happy horse and in turn riders are much happier and safer.  

When riders have a fun, safe, and effective sessions parents are happy and proud.

That in turn makes Dr. Peterson proud of me and very happy.

It is such an amazing feeling when everyone is happy.


State disclosure

Parkwood Farms Therapy Center Inc.GA registration number 0331538, is located at 2519 Parkwood Rd Snellville, GA 30039; Phone: 678-344-6821 and raises funds for multiple projects which are visible through this website and at the Charity's Website.

A copy of our latest financial records is available upon request.

Additional Funds Raised:

Source of additional Funds Additional Dollar Raised
N/A $0.00
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