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Research: Insect based drug discovery / bioprospecting is just getting started, help to Launch their project by donating now!

About This Project:

Manager Aaron Dossey
Aaron Dossey
Project Manager

Dr. Aaron T. Dossey: ISI President, Founder and Chair of the Board: ISI is the brain child of Ph.D. Biochemist, Biomedical Scientist and self-taught Entomologist Dr. Aaron T. Dossey, derived from his life-long passion for insects and the natural world.

Project Description

Invertebrates make up by far the largest and most diverse group of organisms on earth, There are 1,000,000 named species, and estimates of 3,000,000-40,000,000 million species of insects on earth alone and there are many other groups of invertebrate animals, millions, that have yet to be fully studied! As rich as the biological diversity of invertebrates is, it’s chemical biodiversity is many fold larger. Yet, very little has been done to explore this chemical diversity and capitalize on it for any applications. ISI explores the chemical makeup of insects and their defense systems to discover new compounds which could be useful drug lead compounds such as new antibiotics, antivirals and anti-cancer therapies. ISI also has a heavy emphasis on sequencing the genomes of as many invertebrates as we can.

Project Needs

Lab rent or purchased facility, technicians, equipment (GC-MS, HPLC, freezers, centrifuges, fume hood, incubators, cages, food plants for invertebrates, centrifuges, chemistry equipment), operating costs, analytical chemistry services (additional mass spec and NMR), overhead for utilities, marketing, grant writing consultant and additional fundraising. 

Project Schedule

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Project Beneficiaries

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Additional Funds Raised:

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