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At DonateSmarter we always help local charities.  Your funds support the small charities that are active in our system every day. The 90% of charities that you've never heard of ... until now! We see the value these charities bring to…

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$62.96 Raised
1362 Days Left
$5000.00 Goal

Hands for our Veterans 2021

Care-America is proud to sponsor Hands for our Veterans, a hurricane preparedness and cleanup service for the Veterans in Brevard County.

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$0.00 Raised
491 Days Left
$1000.00 Goal

Urgent Request for COVID-19 Pandemic Assistance!!!

This is a fundraiser to help offset the unexpected loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to close our facility from March 13th, 2020 to May 30, 2020. When we returned the first week of June 2020,…

0.24% Funded
$61.96 Raised
255 Days Left
$26000.00 Goal

Family Support Program 2021

Assisting families financially and with other acts of kindness is our top priority.  Families become overwhelmed and burdened by the extra financial strain and in most cases loss of income due to the need to be by their child’s…

43.49% Funded
$17,395.60 Raised
158 Days Left
$40000.00 Goal

Cheer Gift Program 2021

Providing a welcomed distraction during a child's leukemia treatments. We remember birthdays, holidays & special occasions.  We also include each sibling because they are also affected emotionally and are faced with many lifestyle…

8.20% Funded
$410.00 Raised
158 Days Left
$5000.00 Goal
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