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bUneke Magazine, Published Quarterly

bUneke Magazine is released digitally, on the first of each quarter, starting in March. Issue 21 was released on September 1 featuring 28 authors from around the world and covering 11 nonprofits, personal essays, and expert…

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bUneke Productions

bUneke Productions creates film documentaries for other nonprofits, to help them gain exposure. Our volunteers write, film, direct, edit, and act in films created from the heart that work as fundraisers and continue to serve as educational tools.

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bUneke Radio

bUneke Radio started with UnScripted, once a month, on another person's channel, in 2019. By 2021, we've grown to host 10 shows, with 7 hosts. The podcasts are heard in 73 countries, live and on demand. The channel and two shows have been highlighted…

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bUneke Magazine Issue 20

Issue 20 is a quarterly, digital magazine with a reach of more than 400,000. We print copies on demand and have an audio version as well.

bUneke Issue 21

bUneke issue 21 where we are learning about the world, together!

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