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I Am Proof Anchor Program

The I Am Proof (IAP) Anchor Program will preserve the continuity between IAP group mentoring five-sessions program, and invest in the support and capability of the graduates require to continue on their journey to success. The Anchor program…

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Parkwood Farms Therapy Center Scholarship Fund

Our mission is a simple one Parkwood Farms is dedicated to enriching the lives of physically, emotionally and mentally challenged children and adults by offering a spectrum of therapeutic riding services in one safe…

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Scholarship Program

Our mission is two fold: Education & Scholarships. Once a family has the Water Safety Education, they may need a means to skill their child. This is when the SSF Scholarship program steps in. Swim Safe Forever knows that what is best for our…

1.40% Funded $70.00 Raised 208 Days Left $5000.00 Goal

Always Give Back Cape Cod

Always Give Back -Cape Cod is an effort to build literacy by organizing retirement communities to sponsor and read donated books to our children in the classrooms and daycare centers throuhghout Cape Cod.

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NAFI NY intends to provide 3 at-risk youth from NAFI NY programming with an opportunity to gain 3 E’s; experience, education and exposure to life outside of their community. During the development of the trip and actual trip, the youth will…

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