Our Mission

Invertebrate Studies Institute’s mission is to inspire appreciation for and conservation of the natural world through invertebrate focused research, education, outreach and entertainment activities.

More information here: https://isibugs.org/mission-vision/

About Us

We want to study insects, spiders and other invertebrates for their intrinsic value, not how to kill them!  Our organization inspires appreciation for the natural world and it’s CONSERVATION, not destroying nature as something that’s “in the way” or to be exploited to extinction.  Biodiversity and invertebrates harbor valuable biochemical systems of which we have only scratched the surface.  What’s more, invertebrates have barely been studied at all for potential drug compounds or other beneficial biochemical entities they harbor which will be beneficial to humans.  ISI will study the genomes and chemistry of these creatures, the largest and most biodiverse group of organisms on earth by far, and demonstrate why it is critical that we preserve life on earth not only because it is the moral thing to do, but because it benefits us as well.

More information here:  https://isibugs.org/mission-vision/

We execute our mission through:


An immersive experience learning about science and invertebrates in person in real-time. “Edutainment” / “Jurassic Park” of bugs! Critical for fundraising and revenue!


Genomics, Biochemistry, Bioprospecting, Drug Discovery, Ecology, Husbandry.


A world-class invertebrate zoo (“Bug Zoo”), biodome and biotech research labs.


USA Science and Engineering Festival, local science fairs, conferences.


Public engagement through web site, social media, events, news media.


Create content on ecological needs for invertebrates to survive, ecological research on invertebrates, purchase property for preservation and use for research.

State disclosure

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