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When local charities work with savvy businesses the community benefits... Your community!

When local charities work with savvy businesses the community benefits... Your community!

There is already a new awareness arising within companies that giving back to their communities isn’t just a positive for the community-it’s also good for them as a business. More and more local businesses are being formed that are “mission-minded” (check out MADD Coffee in Brooklyn, NY as a great example) as they recognize the positive effect corporate charity has on both the workplace and the community. O.C. Tanner did a survey (found here) about how employees felt about corporate charity around the holidays and reached the conclusion that “charitable giving is not often a key focus for a company, but it should be — data from our recent research shows that organizing and promoting charitable office events can lead to enhanced employee engagement. .”

So, with a win-win situation for both the business and the community, why does it still seem like, so few companies are attempting to serve their communities?

Simple: change is slow

It’s going to take some time to change a business mindset of “how can we take in more” to “how can we give out more.” A great place to start is by hosting charity events at work during the holiday season. A few, simple fundraisers and community outreach opportunities during the time of year that people associate with service can certainly boost morale and provide a worthy nonprofit a nice donation.

But what happens once spring hits? A nonprofit’s needs don’t suddenly disappear, and a company doesn’t stop needed positive, community-building projects to improve the workplace. How then do we push the boundary even further to create a positive, long-lasting relationship between businesses and local nonprofits? 

DonateSmarter’s goal is to make it easier to find and manage that “perfect fit” between business and local nonprofits by connecting corporate sponsors directly with the charities and programs that are making a difference right here in local communities. Real change-both in the workplace and in the community-comes from investing in positive change for the long-term. This helps the charity and the corporation far more than just the injection of money: it enriches the corporate culture, improves employee retention and morale, makes recruiting new employees easier…you get the idea. The money, of course, helps the charity, but it’s the continuous relationship that’s even more powerful.

The United Way and community foundations can’t typically help local charities as they are simply too small financially, too risky. Grant programs and foundations practice a “hug and release” philanthropy and cherry pick the very best-looking organizations.

DonateSmarter let’s savvy businesses take their role as community partners and team members a bit more personally by practicing “embrace and empower philanthropy”. By helping smaller charities maximize their compliance and transparency DonateSmarter helps these organizations minimize the risk for local corporate sponsors who are looking for a higher impact, longer term community investment. In short, nurturing small, local charities creates a direct impact in their local community. Bringing charity leaders and local business owners together and joining forces toward common goals in the community strengthens all the participants and produces results you can see and feel. The more long-term relationships we can facilitate between businesses and non-profits, the more we can see our communities, and workplaces, change for the better.

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