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Dealing with “The Ask” in the age of Social Distance

If you didn’t have a plan to deal with the Ask before COVID-19 (and let’s be honest, you probably don’t), it definitely cost your salespeople time and productivity and probably made you look like a jerk on more than one occasion. But if you are trying to keep your doors open – or even thrive during self-distancing, that lousy plan, will alienate the very same customer base you’re hoping will save your business. There's a better way.







What has DonateSmarter done for us?
What has DonateSmarter done for us?

All charities on Donate Smarter are actual 501c3 organizations, and we all are authorized to solicit donations in the states in which we operate. The tracking mechanisms provide a method to calculate our reach, and monitor our funds raised by project. Theses features have significantly simplified our workload.